The Church of Christ and the Protestant Sects

Maybe some of you are wondering what makes the church (Church of the mystical christ) where I belong, different from the Protestant Sects. You might say that they are all sects that believe in Christ and the salvation through His name. However, if we will examine the truth about them and their teachings, we’ll noticed the great difference, that is, between the Church of Christ and the Protestant Sects.

To let you know, the Church of Christ differs greatly from the Protestant Sects even on the way they worship God, use the Bible, interpret the words of God and many aspects in spirituality.

On this article, I will give you one teaching which makes the Church of Christ different from the Protestant Sects. This is the teaching on the value of the Church membership in man’s salvation.

Most of the Protestant Sects (if not all) believe or uphold the teaching that membership in the Church is not essential for man’s salvation, as it was written on a book:

On the other hand, the Church of Christ upholds the teachings of Christ, (because Christ is the head of it,) that one should enter the fold or flock, which is the Church of Christ, in order to be saved. To trust in Jesus Christ is truly necessary for salvation, but this is proven by following His words, that is, by seeking membership in the true Church not because the Church saves but because it is that which Christ will save..

In short, the Church of Christ is the church the will attain salvation on judgment day, while the Protestant Sects are just professing to be of Christ but are not really of Christ for they are not the true body of Christ.

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