Promote a Book – 3 Powerful Strategies

A press release is your announcement to the world that your un cours en miracles is available. Written correctly it can trigger media and promotion opportunities that you never imagined. Radio and television journalists, as well as print journalists, will be calling you for interviews.

So how do you write a press release correctly? It has to be newsworthy. What problems does your book solve? The release isn’t that Joe Smith has a new book available it’s what Joe Smith’s book will do for millions around the world that the press release should focus on. Reporters have to find it interesting or they’ll simply ignore your release.

Like a press release if your book signing is handled correctly, it can generate a lot of interest in you and your book. You can schedule a signing with any local bookstore by simply walking in and speaking to the owner of the store or the person in charge of events. Be prepared to pitch your book and what you have planned for the signing. Sitting at a table with a stack of books and a pen won’t generate much interest. Be creative and come up with an event. Offer giveaways that relate to your book, engage people by offering a sweepstakes or drawing, make your book signing as interactive and engaging as possible.

You’ll need to handle the promotion of the event yourself. Contact the media to let them know you’ll be there. Issue a press release, again make it newsworthy, and invite as many people as possible.

Local bookstores often give special attention to local authors but it isn’t guaranteed. To get your local bookstores to sell your book, all you have to do is ask. Visit the stores in person if possible, if not then call the owner or buyer personally, and make a quick pitch about your book. Don’t forget to highlight the benefits of your book, not the features. How does your book solve people’s problem?

If there are local specialty stores that cater to your book’s topic, hobby stores and pet stores for example, approach them the same way you would approach a bookstore owner. Visit in person to speak with the owner and ask them if a book with your subject matter would be of interest to their customers. Be prepared, if they are interested in carrying your book, to have a proposal ready. It’s also helpful to have a copy of your book available to leave with them if they ask.

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