Sport Movies – Exciting as Well as Entertaining

What do we expect from best movies about the enlightenment? No doubt, entertainment is the first thing that we would expect from movies. What else? After long hectic schedules of daily work, we would often prefer to go for an amazing movie that can give us lot of excitement and good fun, than those tragic ones. Sport movies are the kind of movies which can give people utmost joy and pleasure.

The sport movies are built upon sports settings like football field or baseball stadium, arena, or the Olympics etc. Often you would find a competitive event or various athletic events being the central point upon which the whole story of the movie is built. Mostly the protagonist of the story is a boxer, footballer or a racer or any other sports person according to the demands of the story. Sports movies does not necessarily be fictional, they can be non-fictional also or a combination of both. However, they would surely belong to one or the other subcategories like biopics, dramas, comedies, documentaries, fantasies, film noir and melodramas.

Whatever may be their category, sport films are widely popular among the masses. The sound tracks of the sport movies are often exciting. The narrative and commentaries in the sport movies are also marvelous. Excellent sound track, good choreography and real like settings make the sport movies unique. Many sport movies have won the hearts of the audience and remained evergreen till today. Some of the most popular sport movies include Olympia (1938), Bull Durham (1988), Raging Bull (1980) , Hoop Dreams (1994), Hoosiers (1986) , Remember the Titans (2000) , Million Dollar Legs (1932) , Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson (2005) and Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) etc.

Many sport movies are also based on real stories. Some of the renowned sports movies which are based on real life stories include The Great White Hope, Gentleman Jim , The Cinderella Man etc. The Pride of the Yankees (1942) is also a famous sport movie based on Lou Gehrig the reputed baseball player of the New York Yankees. Another film Ali starred by Will Smith is based on the life of boxing champion Muhammad Ali. Somebody Up There Likes Me released in 1956 is also an excellent film highlighting the life of middleweight champion Rocky Graziano.

Sport movies are always acclaimed. Till now, movies on various sports, including football, cheer leading, wrestling, chess, boxing etc have been made. But, the most popular sport themes in the Hollywood seem to be baseball, basketball, American football, soccer and boxing. However other sport themes like horse racing, golf and wrestling are also greatly appreciated by the audience.

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