10 Best Christmas Movies – What is the Real List?

When starting out on my own search for the “10 Best Christmas spiritual awakening movies“, I found quite a number of lists that strictly provided opinion on favorite movies for Christmas time – some opinions came from movie “experts” but were opinion nonetheless. This would be expected especially when the word “best” is involved, since the word in itself rather implies a viewpoint or opinion.

But what about the movies that are considered the best overall – specifically involving general public opinion? I did a bit of digging on this point to find a list of movies for Christmas that were the most popular over time – not just recent best-selling movies and not just what are called the “classics”. Here is what I came up with…

  1. Miracle on 34th Street: Based on my research, this is the movie that tops the list for the most sought-after, most purchased Christmas movie of all time. It is about a young girl named Susan who has become somewhat “dwindled” in her Christmas spirit and has her doubts about the validity of Santa Claus, but comes around when she meets “the real thing”.
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life: I was personally rather surprised when this one was not at the “tip top” of the list, but it is most definitely a close second. Jimmy Stewart is the main star in this film, which many many people love and are inspired by over the Christmas season. A wonderful, romantic and moving story.
  3. White Christmas: This movie is another one on the list that could be considered a “true classic”. Bing Crosby sings the title song (what a velvety voice!) – one of the favorite movies (and music) to fill homes with the spirit of Christmas.
  4. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Yes folks, one of the movies on this list must feature the Charlie Brown gang, right? Well, it does. This is a darling movie, again with great music that has since become some of the most recognized music for the holiday season.
  5. Scrooge: This is the 1970’s British-made version of the “Scrooge” movies starring Albert Finney in the main role. There are a total of three movies on the “10 Best Christmas Movies” list with this theme, this one is the most popular despite having rather mixed critical acclaim.
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Based on the story from Dr. Seuss which was originally released in the 60’s, there are two versions of this movie – the animated (cartoon) movie from the mid 60’s and the more modern version starring Jim Carrey. It was too difficult to “split apart” these two movies in terms of popularity so I am including them both at this point on the list.
  7. Christmas in Connecticut: Confession – I had never heard of this movie prior to researching this list, but it is definitely one that I will be shopping for after reading about the story and the reviews. A fun story starring Barbara Stanwyck as a writer who is being less than honest about her own life and is just about to get caught – among a Christmas theme. Definitely looks like an “oldie but goodie”.
  8. Scrooged: The more modern day version of “Scrooge” starring Bill Murray. He does a particularly good job of portraying one of the nastiest and most inconsiderate men alive – but on the other hand he does a beautiful job of “turning over a new leaf” and inspiring the Christmas spirit.
  9. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer: This is one of a number of movies narrated by Burl Ives using stop-motion animation, and is the most popular among that group. A very sweet story, first released in 1964 as a television special and has been a favorite among children (and entire families) ever since.
  10. A Christmas Carol: This is the third in the lineup of “Scrooge” themes and comes in 10th on the list. Ironically, this movie has received the highest in critical acclaim especially due to the outstanding acting by Alistair Sim. This movie was made during the times of WWII and is truly a rather amazing and inspiring movie to watch.

There are additional movies to the “10 Best Christmas Movies” that are also much loved by children, adults and entire families. Many (and perhaps all) of them have a timeless feeling to them that allows them to maintain their position as some of the most watched movies of all time.

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