Mining Jobs and Mine Job Employment

The best aspect of the Australia gpu jobs is that people from all backgrounds and working professions can find a position suited to them. Typically, available mine job positions are best suited to those that like to challenge themselves physically. While there are still are number of positions suited to people who prefer hard labouring work, the industry also requires workers to fill positions in a number of areas and capacities.

Working conditions in the mining industry have improved greatly with a big emphasis on safety these days. You may need to undertake safety training before you work in the mining environment. This is due the physically challenging working conditions you will find yourself in, not to mention the 12 hour shifts. The mining industry is focused in the states of Queensland and Western Australia, however there are mine sites and regions located in all of the other states as well, including in the Northern Territory.

An attractive aspect of the Australian mining industry is the rosters that are available. There are a number of different rosters available, depending on the company you work for. Some mining jobs rosters range from 3 weeks on and 1 week off to 9 days on and 5 days on.

Another great aspect of the Australia mining industry is the ability to secure a fly In, fly out (FIFO) position. As many mines are located in remote areas, mining companies will cover the costs for you to fly to the mine site during your rostered work period. Your employer will cover and provide all of your accommodation, food and laundry needs. FIFO positions also gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money. You employer will also generally cover the cost to fly you back home during your rostered time off.

Accommodation in the mining camps ensures that all of the workers are comfortable. Living quarters provided at camp sites range from 2 by 4 metre portable homes to permanent 6 by 8 metre rooms with ensuites. Fridges, single beds, television, electricity and water are also provided with rooms.

The industry in Australia is the worlds leading producer of lead, and the second largest producer of uranium. There are also large gold mines in operation throughout the country.

One of the most popular Australia mining jobs that people look to gain is that of a Dump Truck driver. Why is a Dump Truck position a great position to gain in the mining industry? – because of the income you can earn! You can expect to earn up to $100,000 in some states. Dump truck drivers come from all sorts of backgrounds and there are no age or gender restrictions. This position does require you to be in good physical shape and be able to pass a medical, to ensure you can safely operate these large trucks.

A common question from people who want to work in the mining industry is “are there entry level jobs for someone with no experience?”. The answer to this is ‘Yes!’ For example, entry-level jobs include sample preparers, drillers assistants and labouring positions. These are available for people willing to work hard in return for a good income. In fact, the mining industry is looking for people from all backgrounds. Employers need to fill a number of Australia mining jobs from labourers, truck drivers, catering and cleaning staff to tradespeople, engineers and even office staff.

A concern for a number of people who would like obtain mining jobs is that they may be required to move to another state. Contrary to popular opinion, there are jobs the mining industry all across Australia, in all states. Also, for many people that are interested in making the change to an industry that offers them a great career and lifestyle opportunity, they will often question if they may be too old. Gaining employment is based more on your physical ability. As long as you are fit and capable of putting in a hard days work this is much more important than an arbitrary age limit.

Though the Australian mining industry is often portrayed as a male dominated industry, there are many career options for women in the industry. In fact, women are being hired not only on the basis that they are able to perform the job well but they have great safety records and work ethics. Gaining employment in the mining industry has become a great career option for couples as well.

If you are serious about wanting to work in the mining industry, there is a lot to know before you starting applying for mining jobs. Don’t ruin your chances in the industry by applying for the wrong mine job, or the right jobs in the wrong places – as this can damage your future employment prospects.

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