7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful IT Project Managers

These property management petaluma ca habits impact teams, because it is about project teams that are client focused and committed to get the job done successfully)

1. Not having the appropriate attitude

  • I have heard enough PMs say, while they had some significant failures, that they have been doing (managing/leading) this way their entire career and/or for a number of years ( and not about to change)
  • Not ensuring that supporting best (and good) practice processes (i.e., Change and CM and QA) are established early, upfront.
  • Not considering a combination/mix of methodologies when a particular methodology does not seem to fit the solution or when a client has mandated an approach for the solution. Combing and mixing methodologies has been used successfully with medium/large projects and programs. Note for choosing a methodology: if you understand math, different ways to solve a problem with the same answer (solution) but make it the most efficient one.

This item is the most important because it determines how you approach all elements/facets of a project or program. It is also about a Project Manager’s survival within different industries and implementing different technologies. My coaches and mentors stressed being client focused while maintaining your company’s credibility and your integrity, being open, flexible, make adjustments, never stop learning and be willing to improve personally and professionally, and do the job right from the start.

2. Does not communicate well, at all levels.

  • Not engaged with the sponsor(s) and senior management, and a multitude of stakeholders
  • Project managers (and program managers) develop business and partnership relationships.
  • Communication can be one of the major reasons for project and program failure.
  • Create a communication plan and execute it. It is absolute necessary for Project Managers, Program Managers and Leads to communicate well, both verbally and written. Note: The lack of, or absence of, good communication will affect the support and commitment required from the sponsor and senior management (They ensure the participation of the organization and individuals).

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