Why LED Televisions Are Better Than LCD Televisions

When purchasing a TV, you may be wondering what is better to get, an LED or an LCD TV. With LED TVs becoming more and more iptv premium, it is important to know why it might be better to purchase an LED TV. When it comes to purchasing new TVs, the only time you should now get an LCD TV is if you are purchasing a TV on a budget or cannot find an LED TV in the size you need. Other TVs are much cheaper than LED TVs, but the price gap is dropping and soon you will find LED TVs to be just as cheap.

Price aside, LED TVs have many more advantages compared to LCD televisions. They have a much better contrast ratio and black levels, better color accuracy, and power consumption. The only thing left is to wait to see how long LED televisions can last compared with LCD televisions. This cannot be determined yet because LED televisions are still new.

The reason contrast ratio and black levels are much better on these televisions is because they use dimming technology and can control the back-lighting. In LCD televisions, the screen has to block the light by twisting the LCD crystals. This ends up causing the television to have a lower contrast ratio than by simply dimming.

When it comes to producing a better color accuracy, LED televisions with colored back-lighting dominates over other televisions. Colored back-lighting allows the television to produce very realistic colors. However, some LED televisions do use white back-lighting, which is not much of an improvement of LCD televisions.

LED TVs also have better viewing angles. This is very important as you can then watch the television at a wider angle. Most televisions have often suffered when it comes to viewing angles. They usually do not work as well when it goes beyond 30 degrees off-center. However, LED televisions have fantastic viewing angles, and are almost as good as plasma televisions.

Power consumption is very important as it can save you money in the long run. LED televisions do have a slight improvement over LCD televisions when it comes to power usage, and approaches the power consumption of plasma TVs. However, this improvement in power consumption is only true for edge-lit TVs, and not the local dimming LED TVs.

When it comes to purchasing your TV, it is highly suggested to get a LED television as they seem to have many more advantages over its LCD rival. With advantages like power consumption, better viewing angles, contrast ratio, and color accuracy, you cannot go wrong with an LED television.

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