Where to Begin With DIY E Liquid Flavors IGET Hot Flavours

There are so many pre made flavors out there, and with some flavors so particular that they have names like Extreme Ice, it can get kind of IGET Hot Flavours. What exactly is Extreme Ice? You won’t know until you try it! But maybe you don’t want to continuously try odd flavors and maybe you don’t want to stick to generic flavors like Banana or Vanilla. And outside of the flavors themselves, the cost of buying them can add up to be a lot over time. Well, luckily for you, there’s a solution: Creating your own Diy E Liquid Flavors is a fun and adventurous process that will allow you to build flavors that you love.

So, where do you get started? Well, E Liquid is composed of four ingredients: PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring. Not all of these have to be used, for instance, if you wanted your DIY E Liquid Flavors to be nicotine-free, you could absolutely still make E Liquid without using the nicotine. There are other additives that can be used for your E Liquid, but these four are the ones that you should primarily be concerned with. This may seem complicated, but it’s actually a simple practice that can turn into a fun hobby.

Your first step is buying a kit. This will be the initial expense that saves you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re plus-ohm vaping, you’ll need PG. You’ll also need VG, which will be the majority of your E Liquid. As far as nicotine goes, you’re going to want quality. Make sure you keep your nicotine sealed; air exposure can distort taste and color. If you want nicotine free E Liquid, don’t bother buying any and you’ll be set. You won’t need it. Lastly, you’ll want to look into what flavors you’ll enjoy. You can snag different flavoring to mix your own, or buy flavors that are already mixed, which may be easier as you start out.

If you purchase the liquids necessary, what equipment will you need to make your DIY E Liquid Flavors? For one, you’ll need a scale. You need an electronic scale in order to weigh your liquids. This is only if you’re going to be mixing by weight as opposed to mixing by volume. For a beginner, mixing by weight will be an easier process to learn. It’s best to buy some bottles with nozzle tips to make it easier to drop your PG and VG. It’s also a smart move to keep your nicotine in bottles with droppers for a more precise drop.

If you want to mix by volume, you’re going to want to buy syringes. The best size for PG and VG would be 10mL syringes, whereas nicotine and flavor concentrate syringes should be about 1mL (you’ll want a lot of these). As stated before, beginners should definitely sway towards mixing by weight; it’s simply easier to learn. Remember to also purchase labels: You want to remember which flavors are which after you’ve created them!

So, there you have it. Sure, it may seem like a lot of investment just to avoid buying the name brand pre-made E Liquids, but you’ll understand overtime that the money you can save is simply too great to pass up. Now that you know what you’ll need, where should you look for it? Check out The Vape Mall. They have all of the equipment necessary to make your own E Liquids and all of the best brands to choose from. When you want to switch up your vape game, thevapemall.com has your back.

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