What You Need to Do Before Learning to Drive

Many people find learning to California Fake driver’s license an essential requirement in their life, whether this is from the age you are legally able to learn to drive or whether this requirement comes later in your life.

When you reach that stage there is some preparation to be done before the driving lessons can begin. Please see below for what you need to do before learning to drive:

• You will need to obtain your Provisional Driving Licence. This can be applied for either online or by obtaining the D1 Application Form from your nearest Post Office. Please note that you have to be 17 years of age to legally drive a car on public roads, however, you are able to apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday but this will not become valid until your 17th birthday. This age restriction is reduced to 16 years of age if you are disabled and in receipt of a mobility allowance. As of this date (1st April 2010) the cost of a Provisional Driving Licence is £45.

• You will need to meet the requirements of an eyesight test, which means you must be able to read a vehicle number plate. If you are reading from an old style number plate, you must be able to read this from 20.5 metres (approximately 67 feet). If you are reading from a new style number plate (this means that the letters are narrower) therefore, you must be able to read it from a distance of 20 metres (approximately 66 feet).

• You could start to look at the Highway Code to become familiar with the theory around learning to drive. It is recommended that you start practical driving lessons whilst learning the theory as the practical experience will give you the understanding to answer questions and answers contained in the Theory Test and the knowledge from your revising for the Theory Test will help in your practical lessons.

Once you have received your Provisional Driving Licence and this is valid, you are able to start to learn to drive and the next stage is to look for a driving instructor. Why not contact us at Just Driving and we can allocate you a driving instructor to suit your needs and give you the confidence you need when you get behind the steering wheel for the first time.

Darren Hirst is one of the leading, professional driving instructors in the UK and is the owner of Just Driving Ltd, which was founded many years ago. Just Driving is a national driving school and the perfect choice in driving tuiition.

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