What Are The Stages of Stomach Cancer? – (TNM Staging) – Part 1

There are two different stages that distinguish stomach cancer: the clinical Phoenix karaoke and the pathologic stage. Both stages play an important part in the assessment and prognosis of a patient.

The Clinical Stage – This is the first stage where the use of physical exams, endoscopy, CT scans, and biopsies are used to help create a suitable treatment plan for the patient. However, sometimes the patients metastasis (cancer spread) has gone further than was first estimated. It is here that the pathologic stage comes into play (after surgery has been carried out).

The Pathologic Stage – This is the second stage, and uses the same test results as the clinical stage, plus what was found from tissues that were removed during surgery. Once the pathologic stage has been carried out, the staging of the stomach cancer can be determined.

TNM System Grouping

Once the T, N, and M categories have been determined, this information is combined and expressed as a stage or staging, using the number 0 (zero) and Roman numerals I through to IV. This is known as stage grouping. Some stages are split into sub-stages indicated by letters.

A more detailed explication of how the TNM Staging System works can be found in: “What Are The Stages of Stomach Cancer? – (TNM Staging) – Part 2”

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