What Are the Hair Styles Trends for 2006?

Some people are just born with raw talent. David Biton, founder of Davis Hair Creation in Tel Aviv, Israel was born with a talent for hair stylist.

David immigrated to Israel with his family at the age of 2 months. At the age of 14 he enrolled in hairdressing school and shortly after completion obtained is first job at a leading Tel Aviv salon. Even at this early stage, David’s artistic approach and ease at performing delicate, at times complex formations were apparent. Artistic talent runs in David’s family as his father was a decorator and painter and now his son is a qualified hairdresser at Tony and Guy in London.

David eventually opened his own salon, specializing in bridal hair styles and special events hair styling. Over the years David has styled for Miss Israel competitions and fashion shows, has participated and earned acclaim in numerous hair styling competitions in Europe and started his top hair styling school in Tel Aviv. The key factors to David’s success have been passion, imagination, embracing change and most importantly talent.

As a leader in hair style fashion, David sees current hair style trends to include soft styles that are easy to form. He adds, “The 60’s is a strong influence but the chignons are understated and not as puffed up as they were then. Women are beginning to feel more comfortable with wearing their hair up and just adding a few small styling touches, like soft back-combing and wearing a headband or scarf, to jazz it up. However, women do differentiate the day to day hair updos, which are more casually assembled, from evening and special occasion hairdressing, which usually possess more elegance and grace.”

The use of different colors and highlights can also create hair style fashions. In Israel there are many types of hairs, colors and shades as Israel is a country that has all types of people from all over the world. There are trends in the color industry to combine a few different colors together all over the hair or on the ends, which is currently favored by his younger clientele.

Another trend growing in popularity everywhere in the world is hair extensions. Hair extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to the natural hair by one of many different methods available today in order to create instant natural looking long, thick hair. David explains that in Israel most women prefer medium to long hair and use hair extensions to achieve the look. Hair extensions are very acceptable in Israel at this time and his salon offers all methods of hair extensions including human and synthetic hair for any and all hair types and requirements.

In addition to offering regular salon services, David offers training courses for hairdressers to learn his techniques to create various styles. To supplement his hair style courses, David created and published books and DVD’s to give students additional reference materials and also to document the vast amount of work he had achieved. His first book was a compilation of hair styling ideas and images from the past 30 years documenting various shows and ‘chignons’ he had styled.

The step-by-step books, available in English and French, were published following the recognition that this area is greatly under developed internationally and most books in circulation are outdated and not visually pleasing. Davis Hair Creation’s books offer a range of beautifully styled and finished images, ranging from modern classics to fashionable and abstract, all detailed in easy to follow steps. The books also feature classic chignons and push the boundaries to offer stylists the ability to learn more modern and artistic techniques.

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