Should You Check Your Clopay Garage Door Seal?

A Clopay One Day Garage Floors door seal is going to do a lot to help you maximize your investment in that Clopay garage door. The seal is intended to do several things for you and the Clopay garage door seal needs replacmenet as soon as you notice it has become damaged.

Clopay Garage Door Seal – Why?

Why does a garage door need a seal? It should generally have a seal all around, including the bottom. This will result in a door that doesn’t have any sort of gap, protecting you from several things, including:

When it rains or snows and you don’t have an adequate seal, the garage will get wet, of course. Keeping whatever is in your garage dry is probably important to you. Beyond your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, boat, snowmobile, lawnmower, etc. living in your garage, you probably also have storage items in there such as your tools, your Christmas decorations, and more. You’d be surprised what a difference an adequate seal can make.

Beyond rain or snow, you may be worried about wind. There are doors that are designed specifically to handle harsh weather conditions, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Garage door manufacturers will often rate a door based on the ability to handle bad weather and if you neglect a damaged door seal, you’re preventing the garage door from doing the job it was designed to do.

A seal can prevent bugs and rodents from getting in the garage as well and from a temperature perspective, most people who use their garage regularly find a big difference in the warmth or coolness in the garage based on the seal.

So, how often should you inspect your seal to see that it’s not in need of repair / replacement? An inspection at every season of your entire home is a good idea. Look at things such as your smoke detectors, your carbon monoxide detectors, check your home for leaks, signs of mould and mildew, and inspect any storage areas or workshops such as the garage so that you can see if anything needs your attention. Dealing with an issue before it causes a big problem is paramount, especially if you have valuable items stored in the garage or if you are in and out of it enough to present a safety issue if the door isn’t reliable in terms of staying put when opened.

Changing a seal isn’t difficult. Most seal replacement kits come with easy directions and you’ll find a plethora of articles and videos online that will show you how to do minor repairs such as this around your house. Certain repairs on a garage door should typically be done by a trained individual — such as replacing torsion springs, which can be dangerous to remove on your own but a removing an old and damaged Clopay garage door seal (or other garage door manufacturer’s brand)and replacing it with a new one isn’t difficult but does make a big difference in the climate and dryness level of your garage.

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