Shared, Reseller, VPS, or dedicated

Shared hosting is for small to medium sized sites. testosterone cypionate online Shared hosting is the cheapest of the four but has many drawbacks. You are probably sharing the server with many,many other people so performance may sometimes be an issue. With shared hosting you risk more downtime since if any of the accounts on the server you are hosted on generates excessive CPU or RAM usage, it will slow your sites down.

Resellers are for people who host multiple sites or want to start their own hosting company. You are sharing a server with several other people. Unlike shared account, most reseller accounts come with a generous number of domains hosted allotment or unlimited number of domains. You and the people you host also risk the chance of suffering performance setback if any of the accounts on the server drains too much CPU or RAM usage.

If you own a large site or a busy forum, you may want to think about upgrading your hosting. Shared plans usually limit the number or domains you can host per account.VPS acts as a dedicated server except with less space, CPU, and RAM. You are usually sharing a server with a few others on a VPS account.This kind of hosting is best suited for a busy portal or forum.

VPS(Virtual Private Server) is for those people who need the control of a dedicated server but cannot afford the price. In a VPS, you are guaranteed a certain amount of CPU usage and RAM usage. While this may be restrictive at times, it saves the risk of other people on the server bogging your site down. VPS accounts generally have full root access and can install their own software.

A dedicated server is a server fully to yourself. You do not share the server or resources with anyone else. This is generally for high-intensive sites or sites that have alot of visitors. With a dedicated server you have full root access,can install your own software, and can do pretty much whatever you want with the server. Dedicated servers are generally pretty costly in terms of price.

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