New Football Shirts More Popular Than Ever!

There is no doubt that football is the top sport in the world right áo bóng đá. The 2012 World Cup in South Africa once again thrust the game into the spotlight with football fans from all over the world making the final the most watched World Cup final ever.

During the World Cup soccer jersey sales went through the roof with fans buying a record number of new soccer jerseys and kits. What was also seen was a move away from the traditional countries football shirts to the rarer teams like Uruguay and Ghana. This was obviously affected by their success on the field but there is no denying that fans were keen to add lesser known shirts to their collection.

The high sales in soccer shirts have continued into the new football season with the new football shirts proving extremely popular with fans. This can be partly contributed to all the top teams releasing new football kits this year for the 2010-11 season but also by the fact that most of the top manufacturers have modernised their designs to offer the clubs supporters something a little bit different.

Amongst the most popular selling soccer shirts this year so far have been the Barcelona home, AC Milan home and the Inter Milan away. This is down to the new football jersey designs. Barcelona have kept their traditional red and blue stripes but have changed their collar to gold and their shorts to red, AC Milan have altered the width of their stripes, a small but significant change and Inter Milan have a snake down the side of their new away soccer jersey.

The competition between football shirt manufacturers is really hotting up which is only a good thing for supporters who will see the benefits of the competition in the form of new and innovative designs.

Football looks like it is going from strength to strength and the sales of football shirts show no sign of letting up, in fact the new footballs shirts prove more popular every year. There is a lot of pressure on the shirt manufacturers to keep producing new designs and styles with one bad design likely to prove costly to both the brand and the club but while it lasts things are looking up for the sales of new football shirts.

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