Levamisole Tainted Cocaine Identified As Causing Purpura Sores

Buy Peruvian Cocaine Online users can now add the purplish sores, dead skin and infections caused by Levamisole wormer to the other numerous side effects stemming from the use of cocaine. The detrimental side effects of cocaine use overrides the short quick high it produces.

Purpura are purple or red lesions caused by bleeding under the skin, and are often as large as 10mm. Cocaine usage constricts the blood vessels which in turn causes the blood vessels to become plugged and therefore the blood can not flow. This leads to painful build up of blood pockets and dying skin causing the purplish and red sores. Levamisole also causes a low blood count, called agranulocytosis, which raises the risk of infection.

The reporting that Levamisole will increase the dopamine levels in the brain increasing the pleasure and reward centers have caused cocaine dealers to cut the cocaine with Levamisole to possibly prolong the users high or even possibly enhance it. The user then buys the cocaine not knowing what it is laced with and the usage starts to break down the immune system.

The cocaine user should take these thoughts into consideration if they know that their cocaine is laced with Levamisole:

  • If it causes blood vessel blockage to the point it builds up blood pockets on the outside of the skin, what is it doing to your heart and brain vessels?
  • If it causes a low blood count, then are you not susceptible to any disease which you come in contact with?
  • If it causes the dying of the skin on the outside, then what is dying inside?
  • If your cocaine is laced with Levamisole, doesn’t it prove that your dealer is uncaring about you?

The dealer does not care if the damage to the user is detrimental, just that his cocaine might give a better high than competing dealers.

Either snorting or smoking cocaine can cause purpura, and it is no respecter of persons or sexes. The best treatment so far has been to stop using cocaine, which lets the purpura and low blood counts rebound. Physicians sometimes prescribe steroids to fight the inflammation.

Levamisole has been sometimes used in the treatment of colon cancer, giving the false impression that it is safe, although it breaks down the immune system. Levamisole is most known for it use as an animal wormer, and has proven to be detrimental to human health.

With the increasing problem of tainted cocaine it makes the usage of cocaine more life threatening than ever before.

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