It Is All About Sustainable Flooring Materials

The Garage Coatings College Station industry has undergone massive changes over the past years with the latest innovation in home renovation being focused towards environmental consciousness. Sustainable flooring has gained traction, and is now widely sought after by homeowners looking for new flooring that is safe for the environment.

Sustainable flooring materials basically refer to materials that reduce the demands on the eco-systems. This means that the materials used in the manufacture of the flooring are environmentally sound starting from the harvesting, production, use and subsequent disposal. The Canadian home renovation industry has not been left behind in this move to do as much as possible to protect the environment through the use of renewable materials.

About Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Traditional flooring options such as vinyl, linoleum and carpeting are all popular, and have their own individual advantages. Vinyl for example is low-cost, and comes in many different colors and designs to fit any decor. Carpeting is aesthetically pleasing and can offer additional insulation against the cold Canadian winters.

Even with all these advantages, volatile organic compounds (VOC) are a major concern in the flooring industry. VOCs are produced during the manufacturing process of these floors, which creates environmental concerns. These harmful compounds are also known to ‘stick’ to vinyl and carpeting long after the manufacturing process, therefore introducing them to households.

People with allergies, environmental diseases and respiratory illnesses are most at risk from these products that still contain the harmful compounds. This can lead to a host of health problems; which is why sustainable flooring (which is free from VOCs and other harmful components) is so important.

Examples of Sustainable Floors
These kinds of floors are made with sustainable flooring material that is not only good for the environment, but also a perfect choice for people living with allergies and respiratory illnesses. Even for the perfectly healthy, being environmentally conscious is a big part of modern day living. With that, below are some examples of sustainable flooring options:

Cork tiles have been in the flooring industry for a significant amount of time now, and are only growing in popularity. These are made from shredded wood, which means that they are environmentally sound. Some of the advantages of cork include durability and the ability to withstand mildew and mold, making them a good choice for most areas in the home including bathrooms. Cork tiles are also versatile as they can be woven or stained into many intricate designs and patterns. The result is eye-catching flooring that is made out of sustainable flooring materials.

Recycled Metal Tiles
Recycled metal tiles are a favorite for urban dwellers and are particularly popular with hipsters. This kind of flooring offers unique designs that can be made to reflect the personality of the home owner. Apart from the typical shiny and silver looks, the recycled aluminum or brass materials can be color treated to create a variety of desired finishes. This kind of flooring is also versatile, and adds great design and texture elements to any home.

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