Is This the Year You Will Finally Write Your Book?

Several years ago, a New York Times study revealed that 80% of all adults want to write a book someday.  Small business owners, consultants, coaches, and professional speakers have been bombarded by experts promoting writing a a course in miracles as a marketing tool.

Naysayers assert that no one reads books any more.  However, our society believes that answers can be found in a book or a website.  When we have a problem or need information, we turn to the internet or the nearest bookstore or library.

According to the Association of American Publishers, book sales increased by 9.9 percent from 2004-2005.  People in the United States bought 25.1 billion dollars worth of books in 2005.

Writing a non-fiction book can be an excellent business strategy.  It can establish the author as an expert, generate attention from the media, and introduce the author to wide range of potential new business opportunities.  Additionally, the feeling of satisfaction from completing a professionally done book gives the author a great sense of confidence and empowerment.

Are you ready to write your book this year?

Do you want it to be successful?

If so, consider these questions before you start writing:

What is your goal for this book project? 

Do you want to write a best seller, create a passive revenue stream, go on the speaking circuit, or attract new customers?  When you have a clear goal for your book, you can create a successful strategy to reach that goal.  Your goal will determine the style of your book, the contents, the design, and the marketing plan.  If you don’t have a clear goal, it will be impossible to measure the success of your book.

Who are you writing for? 

This question is important because you are writing a book for a specific audience, not just to share your wisdom with the masses.  The most successful non-fiction books are tightly targeted to solve a specific problem for a specific audience.

How will you tell people about your book? 

Successful books have a marketing strategy.  In fact, the most successful authors begin to market their new books before the books are fully written.

What can you offer readers after they complete your book? 

The most successful non-fiction authors have a list of other products and services related to their books.  Some common offerings include audio programs, workbooks, seminars, retreats, or coaching programs.  If a reader loves your book, he or she will want more from you.  It pays to create those opportunities before your book is published and find ways to follow up with interested readers.

When will you work on your book?

Writing a book takes a commitment of time and resources.  Before your calendar gets too full, schedule time each week to work on your book for at least the next six months.  If it doesn’t get on your calendar, you probably won’t find time to write.

Who will help you?

You can write your book more quickly and with a greater degree of success if you have some help.  Consider taking a how-to class, joining a writer’s group, or working with a book coach.  Getting expert assistance will help you avoid newbie mistakes that cost time and money.

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