Install the Best Garage Overhead Doors You Can Afford in Your New Home

If you are planning a new home or refurbishing an older one you most likely are looking to purchase a new polished Concrete okc door. Installing quality overhead doors in your home will not only help set the character of the home but also make it more secure. If you purchase a door based on garage door pricing alone is generally not a good idea. It is important to spend the time to do a good job of researching all the different overhead garage doors options available.

We suggest that you spend time on the Internet educating yourself on all the different types of garage doors that are on the market today. Depending where you live and the number and type of vehicles will need to be considered in the decision making process. If you live in Northern areas or at a higher elevation you should seriously consider an overhead garage doors with high R-value. You should select a door with an R-value of at least 15 if you are planning to heat or cool your garage. No matter how cold it is outside when you enter your car or truck will be warm and comfortable. In addition if you have a garage workshop a good insulated overhead garage doors means that you can use it all year long in comfort.

The type of vehicle and its size will determine the size of your garage opening and the overhead garage doors. The standard garage door sizes include 8×7 and 8×16 feet. While this size is usually sufficient for an ordinary medium size car it may not be large enough for a SUV, pickup truck, boat or utility trailer. If you are in the planning stage of your home and garage it may be wise to consider both an oversize garage and garage doors. In terms of cost adding additional space and size to a garage is a lot less than adding more square feet to the interior of a home. In addition you should seriously consider raising the height to the garage walls to 10 or 12 feet. This will allow you to utilize a taller overhead garage door that will accept a higher profile vehicle such as a pickup with a tall load in the bed. In terms of width you should consider door widths of 10 or 12 feet as well. This will assure you that your vehicles mirrors will clear the door when entering and leaving. Probably the best advantage of having a wider door will become apparent when you are backing a trailer into your garage. Most boat and utility trailers will require at least 8 ½ feet of clearance. The extra width will make all the difference between damaging the garage or successfully parking your trailer.

Security is very important when it comes to overhead garage doors. Purchasing a quality automatic garage door opener that can be integrated into home security system is very important. If you own several man toys such as 4 wheelers, personal watercraft or a boat it is wise to make sure that they are secure in your garage protected by a good security system.

In terms of garage doors pricing you should spend the most amount of money you can afford on a quality door. However the most expensive garage doors may not be the best garage doors. Again taking the time to do a good job of researching all the overhead garage doors options available before you begin to build will yield many dividends. Purchasing a quality garage door is a sound investment in your home.

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