How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Online Business in 2015

In simple terms, mastering facebook auto liker is highly recommended and this means Facebook fan pages, your personal page, Facebook Advertising and Liking other pages also.

For a starter, your personal page is a great way to get 5000 targeted people to know you, like you and trust you. Obviously this means more exposure of your personal profile and more transparency. This alone will help you to position yourself as a great person with a great story. Stories attract people, so get into the flow of being yourself and sharing as much as you can. This will also create free traffic to you so you can share your fan pages or websites here.

So when people visit your personal page you can also share your fan page as you have already built trust. You can quickly get more Facebook fans just by sharing your page with your friends personally. Once you start to get Facebook fans you can then invite more from your twitter and linked-in pages.

The more social sites you are a part of the easier it will be to share your new page. As they all can backlink to your primary Facebook account or page.

Make your fan page stand out and be powerful. And once you have built trust you can offer fans affiliate products and your own products as well as offering value of course.

Use as many targeted key words in your page as you can so that people can find you in search engines and this will also drive more likes to your page as well.

Next, look at promoting your Fanpage/s with Facebook PPC advertising. This simply means using Facebook’s own marketing to expose your page/s. You already know now that there are millions of users looking at Facebook every day so, all you have to do is be in front of them with your page. You can also promote any other website or offer that you have using Facebook PPC to create an income.

When likeminded targeted people KNOW YOU and your Facebook persona this will leverage traffic to your websites also as they will click through from your Facebook pages to your URL’s.

Remember that this is all free except Facebook ppc. But you can use Facebook PPC for a small daily fee depending on your budget. You can try some Facebook advertising very cheaply as long as you do your research with your markets first.

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