How New Zealand Sheepskin Fottwear Made

Products are now appearing at very cheap buy semaglutide online prices which aren’t made from natural sheepskin at all. They are made out of faux fur or a fake fur and won’t be anywhere near as durable as real sheepskin. And yes – they sometimes call them natural sheepskin boots too which is 100% misleading.Often these products are made in China and are also priced cheaply.

There are many products being sold that are called natural sheepskin boots which are made out of “single-faced” sheepskin with a suede leather outer (usually pigskin). where the pig skin does not quite line up with the underlying single-faced sheepskin.But look closely and you will notice signs of pig skin or ripples in the upper.

Double-faced sheepskin / lambskin footwear versus single-faced. Quality sheepskin footwear are made out of “double-faced” sheepskin unless the purpose of the sheepskin is to line a shoe style that is going to be made extremely durable on the outside using a heavy duty grain leather.

“Double-faced” sheepskin / lambskin is where the tannery produces a quality tanned product on both the skin side and the wool side of the sheepskin / lambskin. These are the most costly skins to buy because they are the best when making the original style of quality sheepskin boots.

“Single-faced” sheepskin / lambskin is where the tannery produces a usable tanned product on the wool side only. The skin side may have an unusually high proportion of marks and the dye is uneven therefore this type of skin is only suitable as a “liner”. Sheepskin footwear manufacturers who use “single-faced” skins usually use them in conjunction with very cheap suede leather such as pigskin.

Pigskin is one of the least attractive leathers because it is marked with visible holes all over due to pigs having very thick bristles. “Single-faced” sheepskin combined with pigskin is a far cheaper material to use for the footwear upper and doesn’t have the same texture or quality that “double-faced” footwear have. Many such inferior products are being made in China using cheap labour and low-quality materials.

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