How Eco Friendly Landscaping Benefits You and the Planet!

When it comes to residential you have choices. You have to decide what you want your landscape to bring you. Most people want their landscape to be beautiful, but they also want it to add more peace in their life. A well designed friendly environmental landscape can give you a great sense of peace and belonging to the planet.

You can have the normal grass landscaping with a few landscaping shrubs and landscaping plants that often involves high maintenance or look for a better, more efficient way. The more traditional landscape requires lots of water and regular maintenance in order to preserve it.

With water shortage and restrictions these days, more and more people are looking at Eco friendly landscaping and the benefits it brings to your residential landscaping project. This type of landscape can provide both low maintenance and low water usage by replacing water guzzling grass with cutting-edge green technology by using 100% biodegradable artificial turf. No more watering or mowing the grass and your yard looks perfect all year long. It doesn’t turn brown in the winter, but remains beautiful year round.

Many homeowners are replacing high maintenance backyard landscape with edible landscape that includes fruit trees, vegetable gardens and drought tolerant plants that can be easily maintained with a drip water system. You can add your own herb and greens garden and supply food for the family year round. Edible landscaping is not only beautiful, but can supply nutritional foods that can be harvested for your family table.

If edible landscaping is not your thing, you may want to consider desert landscaping or native landscaping. Both of these landscapes are friendly environmentally and include low maintenance plants so that they require less water. A well designed native landscaping design can include native wildflowers and native ferns that add color to your backyard landscape. There are many landscape design ideas that include ground cover plants, drought tolerant plants and native gardening that add beauty to your landscape.

When it comes to entertaining, you may want to include outdoor fire pits or a barbecue outdoor or a fireplace outdoor. Outdoor patios with outdoor lighting can add to your overall enjoyment. They provide a place for outdoor activities and a great place to entertain your guests.

Whatever your goals are for your landscape and design project, I highly recommend that you hire a professional landscape design team. Good advice doesn’t cost, it pays!

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