Going to Buy a Kitten? Seven Vital Facts You Must Know!

1. When going to buy a how much are exotic shorthair kittens, it’s important to recognise that they are very fast growing, much like human babies. While they start off looking cute and cuddly and so very innocent, before you know it they are at the “terrible two’s” stage and getting into everything! Drapes and rugs are just play toys for them!

2. Kittens can be fussy eaters; no shaking a box of standard kitten food for them! Most kittens have been recently weaned and are not used to a wide variety of flavours – really the most bland food you can find will probably work out to be a kittens favourite. Gradually introduce the brand that you are planning to use over a period of several weeks.

3.When going buy a kitten, remember that your kitten will grow into a cat with his or her own opinions, with strong likes and dislikes. They don’t mind if your antique sofa gets ruined, or your houseplants get chewed and battered, or your childrens beds are the best places for a quick cat nap! If your kitten decides that is what or where he likes, it will take concerted effort on your part to train him out of it!

4. Sometimes, your kittens favourite people are the ones that don’t even like cats. Maybe they are even allergic to cats and of course your kitten will adore them. Keep Kleenex on hand for sniffles!

5. Although your kitten will not want you to know this, it is actually possible to train a cat to do all sorts of things! For instance, you will be able to use a cats natural instinct to remain clean to train it to use a litter box. This shows that your kitten is definitely capable of learning. Just because he is capable of learning however, doesn’t mean he will be willing to do so!

6. A kitten grows so quickly, so it is as well to remember this when he starts habits that are cute in a kitten but would you want a full grown cat doing that? A tiny kitten purring on your pillow at night will turn into a full grown cat that wants that pillow all to himself! He will not be happy to be relegated to the floor when he grows too big!

7. When going to buy a kitten will find a place in your home and in your heart, and stay there. Make sure you have the resources to look after him for all of his life. And remember, kittens can be addictive – once you have one it is so tempting to buy another friend for him too!

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