Fashion Art is a Modern way of Generosity.

It’s the basic monogamy for the individual to have the great sense for the fashion trends. ucdm This may sound intimate but it’s simply relative on its own way. Today fashion sense is more of a social statement rather than covering our body with fabric. Fashion trends is modest and time diligent like different clothing for different occasions, different timing, different culture, different seasons, and different religion.

There are some institutions which offers diploma in fashion design courses. But the biggest question is how this field is rising now, why it is not recognized earlier. Many indoor or outdoor industries are majorly based on the fashion products. And how much the technologies have been changed over the year in biodegrading the product for the old methods to the new methods.

The Fashion Industries has moved their hands in the wide range from online retailing to offline physical stores to Forbes fashion icon magazine to multi star tv realities shows. Right now, the availability of fashion clothing is more of an individual conduct. The simplicity of any fashion trends is more of an individual concept. The suitable fashion clothing is dependent upon the individual interest.

We started the journey of making fabric form the spinning wheel to the thread shading do cart now to the mass production of all the products in the big industries. Over this long period of time, we can make the product more and more efficient. The technique we extracted in the medieval age are the foundation of the method which we are using now.

There are some methods of making fabric which we are still using right now. E.g., We are still extracting the row material for the woollen fabric from the animals’ hairs, the plants like Calotropis gigantea provide the row material for the agriculture fabric.

How do sum up the work and craftmanship done by the great artists? Are they good at their job? Are they able to deliver the product in time or are they used to the fact that they are going to make the difference?  The good craftsmanship defines the art of the ages. Various artist over the long period of time showcases the marvellous work of art and so called it we still use this work in our modern crafting. From stitching to the mirror work we are doing it all over.

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