Domestic Help Verification – Make Your Home A Safer Place

In recent years, the availability of background 먹튀검증 services offered by reputable companies, has given us a realistic approach to personal safety by instilling in our minds that we are not to be satisfied with mere trust and gut feelings when hiring domestic help. We read and hear heart-wrenching incidents about innocent employers falling prey to the despicable intentions of ‘bad hires’. Yet, despite all the awareness there is a sense of complacency in our hearts that such disasters can only happen with others. Without a second thought we comment on tragedies that take place in the lives of other people with a “they should have found out everything about this man before employing him” or “one has to face the consequences of being careless”. But how cautious are we when doing the same?

Referring to an incident when a resident of Ghaziabad employed a servant-cum-nurse, it was an adequate security measure for him that he had hired the man through a well-known recruiting agency. But this precaution was obviously not enough as the agency itself was completely ignorant about the domestic help’s sordid history. He had presented his credentials as a trained nurse, which was sufficient requirement for the agency to enlist him with them. This person not only used to rob all his employees after working with them for a couple of months, but shrewdly ensured that he moved to a different city after each exploit. His audacity grew in leaps and bounds as he kept getting away with his crimes until he unintentionally killed the employer’s wife, during his last theft. The death gave his crime a proportion grave enough for the police to follow the case aggressively until they nabbed him.

After the tragic death of his wife the person couldn’t get over the incident and held himself responsible for what had happened. A simple exercise of having the domestic help’s background verified would have definitely thrown up some suspicious details of his criminal history. The Employer would have never had hired a domestic help like him and his wife would have been alive today.

There is no undoing the mistakes of the past but the experience should be a lesson well learnt for us. Why should we wait for a calamity to strike us before we take relevant steps secure ourselves? Ensuring personal security through background screening is an individual’s responsibility and a matter to be regarded with utmost urgency.

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