Concrete Paint – Which One Do I Choose?

Ok, you finally decided to paint that nasty looking old concrete company vancouver wa. But, which one do you choose? The answer is there are many answers, the answer to which type of Concrete Paint you need to choose all depends on what type of concrete you plan on painting. Stairs?, Sidewalks?, Pavers? Are you getting my point? So lets take a look at the “Concrete Project Guide” provided by and the recommended usage for each product.

** IMPORTANT always prep and clean your concrete according to manufacturer specifications to ensure quality application of the product. (usually with oil stain remover or some type of concrete cleaner) This article is for reference only. Please double check your specific needs.

If you are looking to clean up that garage floor a little bit with some concrete paint you are going to want to look for a good “Epoxy Style Garage Floor Coating” Epoxy is usually more durable than most of the other types of concrete paint and will hold up to high traffic area’s, You can usually get Epoxy style concrete paint in a variety of colors including clear which makes it pretty convenient. If you look around they also have Etching Stain, High Gloss Sealers, etc. Just try to make sure you get a reputable product because garages will accumulate a lot of traffic on the concrete paint.

For interior concrete floors the currently most durable application type is an “Epoxy type Multi Surface Coating” Textured or not is completely up to you and your specific application needs. There is also Stains, Anti-Skid Coatings, Clear Coats, Sealers and more for this type of application. You should be able to find just about anything based on your design and application needs. (or matching requirements)

For a driveway and sidewalks your going to need a simple “Multi-Surface type Concrete Sealer” you just want something to protect against the natural elements including the sun, rain, salt, etc. And a few of the un natural ones. A good concrete paint for driveways and sidewalks should not only water proof and protect against UV rays. A common feature, the concrete paint usually carries is protection from gas, oil, & other house hold chemicals. Again if the product doesn’t already have a “Texture” you may want to check into a texture additive so you are not looking at slick surfaces where you walk.

The stairs are another high traffic area, with the added slippage danger involved. For the stairs you are definitely want to get some type of “Anti-Skid Textured Coating” type concrete paint. The stairs are a dangerous place and wouldn’t do well with the smooth surface normal concrete paint would offer. This coating is also available in a variety of colors and finishes including granite and various dies. There is also various stains and sealers that can be used in combination with a “Anti-Skid Floor Texture Type Additive” that is a much cheaper solution to painting the concrete on the stairs but you get what you pay for.

Now pavers usually have some sort of edges or texture already in them, not always the case, but usually. But when this is the case You don’t necessarily need a texture, some sort of “Concrete Sealer” type application to protect the from the elements and normal wear and tear. You can get just about any color, style, shade, paint, or clear coat. Personally I like to use a “High Gloss” type concrete paint just because at night every little bit helps. I forgot my porch light a few times Let me tell ya, I was so glad to have a shiny sidewalk to help me get into the house.

Patios are your choice really, it all depends on how you intend on using it. If you are on the patio a lot and it’s possible it could get wet you may want to look into a texture style concrete paint. But there are so many different applications and different types of concrete paint available, It would take a whole book to explain them to you. I am gonna have to leave this one to you and your common sense. Or better yet call a concrete paint professional. Most contractors offer free estimates and can tell you exactly what you need by looking at what you have up close and in person.

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